LaserVision wins CEDIA Award 2006...
LaserVision came through to win against strong competition from Europe and The far East.

Its back to the days of uniformed usherettes and saturday morning serials with this £14,000 project for a Bath-based radio executive. The owner asked for a traditional staged seating area for this art deco design in the basement of his office.

The cinema was essentially fabricated within the much larger space of the basement and laservision also had to build housings for the screen and the infocus screenplay..... CLICK HERE to read more
LaserVision wins CEDIA Award 2008..
Traditionally, Laservision could be conceived as a strange company to be creating in-home cinema systems, with a background of entertainment lighting having brought the company to the top of the industry.

But its 2008 Salisbury residential install was a refresing viewpoint on the home cinema market, where the company got to exercise its creativity. As a new build property, integrating the entire room and adding exciting new technology was made easy, with the install costing under £100,000.

The brief put to Laservision was to design a home cinema room that was a 'fun party area' for the family and.... CLICK HERE to read more
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